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Flashfire APK Officially Successor to Mobile Odin

FlashFire is the latest Android flashing tool of Chainfire. Previously, Chainfire has developed enormous tools for Android users such as, SuperSU, Mobile Odin, CF Auto Root and so on. FlashFire is one of the enormous tool for Flashing, Installing ROMs and Kernels without a custom recovery. Most of the FlashFire APK users recommend this tool for everyone because it is very user friendly and there are many features. Just FlashFire Download to your device even you do not need a computer anymore to flash you ROMs. That means you can use Flashfire instead of Odin. You can directly FlashFire Download from our download page or FlashFire APK download available on Play Store.

Flashfire apk download

Latest FlashFire Download

Flshfire beta 0.20 Flshfire v0.24 latest version Flshfire v0.24 latest version

FlashFire Features

  • FlashFire creates a full backup of your device
  • Restore features available
  • You will be able to Flash Firmware Package
  • Flash ZIP or OTA
  • Wipe data
  • You no need to switch into Recovery mode or Download mode

Important things to remember before using FlashFire Apk

Flash your device without tripping KNOX counter. If you Samsung owner or Android owner, you probably have a decent idea about Knox scanner is and how it impacts to your warranty. Knox is a combination of hardware and software security measures. Its Samsung uses to make sure no modifications have been made is certain aspects in Android. Most notably if you modify the recovery kernel or bootloader on your device a hardware fuses tripped in since this fuse is cannot be reset. There is no way of covering up the fact that you have modified on your device. That means your warranty is permanently void. Therefore basically, if you’re modifying your Samsung device, you have a choice between teaching your warranty and being very careful not to trip KNOX. That’s why you making system level changes. As example, if you are a Galaxy S6 user you can use PingPong root to root your device without tripping KNOX.

That’s one part of the whole Android modifying experience that we can cross up the list without a countering warranty issues but it still does not let us install Flashable Zips which is something that would normally require a custom recovery. Flashable zips are unique in the fact that can modify parts of android. They couldn’t otherwise be altered from within the Android because well android running the core files that make up your operating system are in use. So you can’t modify these files without crashing the entire OS. To get around this you can simply install a custom recovery on your device which runs separately from Android. In use that interface to flash zips that modify the core Android experience. Like I mentioned above changing your recovery image in anyway will trip the Knox counter. So custom recovery is out the question if you want to keep your warranty. Thanks to the Chainfire, we can now Flash Zips without installing a custom recovery using Flashfire Android.You will be able to latest FlashFire Download & updates from here.

Latest FlashFire Download & Changelogs

10/09/2015 – Download FlashFire v0.24 Beta

  • Fixed about a dozen FC's caused by Google's new and "improved" compatibility library

09/09/2015 – Download FlashFire v0.23 Beta

  • Motorola: sparsechunk format support
  • Motorola: MD5 listing/verification support
  • Motorola: firmware package support
  • Samsung: Fixed brightness slider disappearing from notification shade

How to use Flashfire

  • First latest Flashfire download from our download page.
  • Install Flash fire apk on your device.
  • Grant SuperUser access to open FlashFire.
  • After that accept the disclaimer message.
  • "Action" is the main menu. First thing on flashfire is creating a backup. It will save your data if any cause issues.
  • Then tap the + button and select Flash ZIP or OTA option.
  • Then use next and select the zip file that you want to flash.
  • Once you’ve done that check icon at the top of the screen.
  • Finally tap the “Flash” button the press OK on the pop up message.
  • Your phone will automatically reboot after successful install.

FlashFire Video Tutorial

Credits for Developing FlashFire Android

FlashFire APK developed by Chainfire. Special thanks goes to Chainfire for his enormous android tools. You can easily FlashFire Download from this page. Please make sure about everything before using FlashFire. Thank you FlashFire Apk and FlashFire XDA for sharing this flashing tool.